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Who Should Apply?

Graduates with degrees in Engineering or a related technical subject, such as Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Economics are encouraged to apply. Students will be expected to have strong backgrounds in mathematics and computer programming, as well as practical skills for large-scale experimentation. Applications are also welcomed from 'mature' students currently working in industry, although evidence of high academic ability is required. Selection will be done to ensure an adequate technical background. Applicants are required to have a first class honours UK degree, or an equivalent standard from an overseas university.

Applicants for this course should have achieved a UK First class Honours Degree.  Applicants will also be expected to demonstrate additional compelling evidence of academic excellence or exceptional research ability.

If your degree is not from the UK, please check International Qualifications to find the equivalent in your country.

Students will be expected to have well-developed technical skills in engineering or a related technical area, in mathematics, and in computing.

Please note that we cannot review CVs or applications prior to submission and we cannot give advice on what to put in your application. We regret that it will not be possible to respond to such requests.